What To Do With Your Old Eyeglasses?

So, you just came in for your annual eye exam and your prescription needs to be updated. You could have new lenses ground for your current frames, but perhaps you want to update your style or find some frames that better fit your face.

That leaves you with the question of what to do with your old glasses.

Very often, they just accumulate in a cabinet or nightstand, occasionally making you ask yourself “What was I thinking when I picked these frames?”

But that doesn’t have to be your old glasses’ fate.

If you are particularly creative, you can use your old glasses in some some form of artwork, or they could for a funny snowman picture in the winter. Another option is to donate them to a theater company to use as props or costume pieces. But perhaps the best use for your old glasses is to make the life easier for somebody in need.

There are a number of charitable organizations that collect gently used eyeglasses and get them to people in need.

Lion’s International is one of the largest, oldest, and best volunteer service organizations in the world. And while they provide a variety of services to communities around the world, their primary mission is to help those with sight and hearing imparements. Rhinebeck Eye care works closely with the Rhinebeck chapter of Lion’s international. Our own Dr. Madigan is, in fact, a highly active member of the Rhinebeck Lion’s Club.

The Lion’s Club provids a number of ways to recycle your old glasses. The easiest way to donate is to use any of a number of conveniently placed drop-boxes. Just look for the Lion’s International logo.

And leave your gently used glasses in the box. They are regularly collected and sent on their way to help those in need all over the world. Another option is to simply talk to Dr. Madigan or any of our staff. They will gladly help you donate your old eyeglasses to someone in need.

While all donated glasses are appreciated by the Lion’s Club, eyeglasses for children are especially appreciated, because they can make the most difference.

So rather than let your old glasses clutter up a dresser drawer, or throwing them out, take the time to donate them to those in need.

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