LaFont Of Paris Is Here!

New At Rhinebeck Eye Care: Frames By LaFont of Paris

All of us at Rhinebeck Eye Care are excited to announce that we now carry an exclusive line of frames by LaFont of Paris. LaFont creates stylish eye ware for women, men, and children, and in a variety of styles.

LaFont of Paris was founded 90 years ago when Louis LaFont opened their first Paris shop in 1923. LaFont has been a global brand since 1972, and since then all of their lines have been exclusively created in their design studio by a single designer. LaFont prides itself on constantly finding new inspirations, designs, and colors for their frames, with 70% of their color range being exclusive to LaFont. Each Lafont frame is created from a blank sheet of acetate or metal and inspirations are drawn from art expos, books, photographs, and many other sources. LaFont strives to combine style, craftsmanship, and technology in each and every design.

Be sure to stop by Rhinebeck Eye Care and ask about our exclusive LaFont frames!

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