Introducing The Optomap Daytona!

Rhinebeck Eye Care is thrilled to present our newest piece of diagnostic equipment, the Optomap Daytona!

The Optomap Daytona is a new and innovative imaging system that could eliminate the need for dilated eyes from your eye exam.

What Is It?

The Optomap Daytona is the desk-top sized model of Optos’ Optomap imaging devices. It is designed to create incredible images without the need for bulky hardware and is ergonomically designed with patient comfort as a top priority.

The Optomap Daytona is perfectly sized and ergonomically designed for patient comfort, but that isn’t what makes it so special. What makes the Daytona special is the patented Ultra-Wide field digital laser scanning technology. That technology allows the Optomap system to take detailed 200° images of the eye.

To put the breadth of the Optomap’s panoramic images in perspective, traditional methods could only capture images of 45° or less.

And the Optomap system doesn’t just trade a wide look for a good look. Clinical tests have shown that the Optomap’s system can create images with the same kind of clarity and resolution as traditional methods.

Other Features

Quick And Easy

Capturing these ultra-wide field panoramic images is quick and easy for the Optomap Daytona. It only needs one second to scan your eye, works through cataracts and an undilated, two milimeter pupil. That means for an exam with the Optomap Daytona, dilating eye-drops are a thing of the past.

Multiple Lasers For Detailed Scans

The types of lasers the Optomap Daytona uses makes it even more useful as a diagnostic tool. Rather than using a single wavelength of laser light, the Optomap system uses shorter wavelength green light lasers (532 nanometers) and longer wavelength red light lasers (635 nanometers). The use of two different wavelengths of laser allows the Optomap to get a deeper view of the eye’s structures.

Easy Saving And Comparisons

The Optomat Daytona’s usefulness isn’t just limited to its imaging. It also has the ability to store its Ultra-Wide Field images images in a manner that can be easily retrieved and viewed. That allows eye-care professionals to not only detect and diagnose problems, but easily chart their progress over successive examinations.

What Does It All Mean?

The Optomap Daytona brings a number of useful features in a compact design with patients’ comfort in mind. It offers a unique way to quickly and easily get images of the eye that other technologies simply can’t provide.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that traditional dilated eye exams are a thing of the past. For some patients they are still a necessity. However, ask if our new Optomap Daytona is right for you at your next eye exam!

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